Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart


Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart


Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart. In the modern era of life, too much sitting is the new smoking. The long duration of sitting on your chair and doing work is linked to cancer and heart diseases. Research from the University of California, San Diego confirms the connection of sitting long-term causes cancer and heart disease, especially in aging women. Higher sitting and doing work time is linked to heart risk. If you keep working on your chair for continuous hours, and not take the rest after every 1 hour, and do not do any physical activity then you are highly likely to have heart disease anytime soon. So, you need to get up and move as much as you can and reduce the duration of sitting and save from the harmful disease. Sitting a lot can kill you slowly and slowly even if you exercise regularly and take good food enough. That’s because evidence and witness are showing that sitting for a long time can have an impact negative effect on your health and leads to the death.

Study the men and women who sat for more than 13 hours per day had a 200 percent greater risk of death than those men and women who sat for less than 11 hours. when compared to those persons who sit the long times, had an increase in disease and death Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart, specifically:
Diabetes Risk
Heart attacks and Strokes.
Slowed Metabolism                                                                                                                                                                    Chronic Pain                                                                                                                                                                                  Stress
Back and Spine Injuries

Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart



When you are sitting more time than the normal time the Blood flow slows down, which allows the fatty acids to build up in the blood vessels. This can lead to slowly slow heart and another harmful disease. Lipoprotein lipase is an enzyme in your body that produces juice to break down extra fat in your blood. When you sit, much more time than your body’s production of lipoprotein lipase drops, which makes it very hard for your body to use fat. When your body doesn’t use fat, it gets stored and then causes heart disease. so, it’s necessary for doing physical activity after doing the work and after some hours take the rest and walk some steps. When you sit regularly for a long time, your bones get weaker and your entire skeletal system can experience negative effects, including pain, bone spurs, inflammation, and other common symptoms. When you don’t use your muscles, they can lose strength and growth, and the ability to support other body systems. It can affect also your brain system posture issues.

Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart
Getting regular physical activity in the evening and exercise in the morning can help reduce your risk of heart disease and helping you manage blood pressure and cholesterol level, regulate your blood sugar levels, and maintain a proper healthy weight. Exercise can strengthen and importance your heart. It can help your circulation and build a “back-up system” of blood vessels. Get regular exercise – at least an hour per day. You make the routine of daily life is that gets up early morning go to the walk and take some exercise and after go to the work and in the evening you do some physical activity and take the proper diet.


Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart

Siting much time can affect your health and cause the heart and another dangerous disease. Sitting too much than the fat is stored into the vessels and then causes for the heart disease so doing the exercise or some physical activity after doing the work can help to maintain the body fit and help to rid out the disease.


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