What is Microcephaly? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments


What is Microcephaly? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

The main feature of microcephaly is ahead size on the part of anybody. That is much smaller than the normal size of the child’s age and gender of the initial stage of any individual or special person. Other signs and symptoms can vary widely from child to child regarding this disease.
They can include the following symptoms:
• Poor weight gain and growth
• Poor appetite feeding
• Difficulty in movement
• Including severe fever due to illness of their mental health
• Speech delays
• Mild to severe learning disabilities
Some children are including microcephaly of any well-known person or child suffers from this disease in the following ways:
• It may include abnormal muscle tone
• Children having facial deformities in this condition
• Vision and hearing problems also include in it
• It includes Joint deformities
Microcephaly has a variety of causes of various harmful infections. Knowing the cause is important and provides information related to the disease and helps in predicting what symptoms a child with microcephaly will have.
For example
Some forms of microcephaly Are linked with Severe and high causes and formation of developmental delay Or a high risk for seizures in this type of mental illness. But others are not including in it to clear the instance of the solution. Some forms can impair motor function or affect other organs in the body to take part in it for the help of children’s in this situation. Microcephaly is often used as Google’s national voice of change, meaning a baby is born with the condition of mental illness. In other cases, a baby can develop microcephaly after birth and in many cases, this disease influences the effect of the body before birth.

Parental Infections

Microcephaly includes Parental infections that impact the health of children. Presents of the Zika virus and the causes of this dangerous disease, especially in the first and early stages of pregnancy of a woman, can damage and destroyed the nerve cells in the brain of the baby or individual. Other infectious agents can also cause microcephaly including rubella; chickenpox, Toxoplasma and it release a sight effect on the health of the newborn baby.

Genetic Infections

What is Microcephaly? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Several hundred genes have been linked with microcephaly to maintain the health of newborn babies, and more are still being discovered nowadays to secure the person from this disease. Defects in these jeans can interfere with brain growth and it releases the hyper effect on the body of a person. In some cases, microcephaly may be related to Down syndrome or certain neural metabolic disorders and contain many dangerous effects on the body.

Other Causes during Pregnancy

There is evidence that alcohol and substances intake by a mother during her pregnancy abuse inadequate nutrition, untreated may lead the problems of infant’s healthy growth. Ketone, urea, or exposure to toxic chemicals uses by mothers and certain ascription drugs during pregnancy can cause microcephaly in a baby and it may lead to many problems in the growth of a baby.

Causes of Microcephaly during Infancy Include

What is Microcephaly? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

• Genetic mutations occur in the formation of an infant’s mind.
• Traumatic brain injury of a person related to it
• Lack of oxygen supply to the brain also causes the disease
• An infection in the brain of a person cause to lead this problem
Microcephaly is a condition and situation where a person relates itself to a harmful stage where is baby born with a small head or the head stops growing after the birth of an individual and it includes the traumatic issues of the problem related to it. In this condition, the person is suffering from high stress, and today once the baby is several thousand inborn with microcephaly. It is the most important and easy way to assess the disease of this condition that includes the condition of a baby has microcephaly is to measure head circumference 24 hours after birth to check out the related disease and checked it randomly to prevent this disease. Babies born with microcephaly and with this disease it may develop in many critical situations during their early stage and they may lead a Conversion and suffer physical and learning disabilities as they grow older and increase their problems day by day.
There is no specific and totally approved test to determine the condition of a baby mental health during its early stage but if a baby will bond with microcephaly an ultrasound scan in the third trimester of pregnancy can sometimes identify the problem within a time and with the help of it precautions may be adopted by parents.
There is no organized and fully improved treatment and prevention cure for microcephaly to make sure the strength of a report is positive now a time to prevent the babies from this disease it may delay with the passage of time. Microcephaly is a condition that is highly recommended for the reason of giving and stage of the mental disease where a baby has had size is much smaller as compared with other babies of the same age and sex that are related with each other and different from others. Head size is an important measurement to monitor a child’s brain growth and it is the most important part of it. This Verity of microcephaly ranges from mild to severe nowadays with the help of ultrasound.

Causes of Microcephaly

There are many potential causes of microcephaly it may be due to early-stage delay and fewer care problems, but often the cause remains unknown till today for the treatment of this disease. The most common causes include infections during pregnancy and less care by mother health, toxoplasmosis caused by a parasite found in undercooked meat are also cause this disease .it may be the Exposure to toxic chemicals met together and contain highly toxic chemicals and mixed together and generate the problem. Exposure to heavy metals like arsenic and mercury, alcohol, radiation, and smoking are mixed to expand its creativity and harms to health to pre-dental injuries to the developing brain and cause of microcephaly. The genetic problem, such as Down syndrome and Severe malnutrition during fetal life based on a systematic review of the literature during the process of this life cycle

Scope of the Problem

What is Microcephaly? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Microcephaly can be present at birth cognition at the start of the problem. Microcephaly is a rare condition reported estimate in defense incidence of microcephaly that may be the high rate of incidents and it has wide variation due to the difference in the definition and target population of this kind of peoples. Increased number or clustering of cases of microcephaly has been reported these days due to inappropriate conditions and care of maternal health.
In the context of outbreaks of Zika virus infection is the main break part of it and its scope increases widely. The most likely explanation of available evidence and the improvement process of mother health is proving that Zika virus infection during pregnancy is a curve of cognition. Brain abnormalities, including microcephaly and, are the severe condition of any disease. In addition to microcephaly and its causes, a range of manifestations Faces stations of varying severity has been reported among new bonds of the persons and infants that were exposed to zika virus in utero and cause the purpose of infection in the body of the mother. These include malformations of the head, swelling problems, hearing and sight abnormalities, and many other harm full diseases in the newborn baby. It can be associated with Zika virus infection in utero may involve miscarriages and stillbirths infections of the baby that is harm full for mental health. Together, this spectrum is referred to as congressional record virus syndrome present in the body of a person.

Signs and symptoms

Many babies born with microcephaly may demonstrate no other symptoms at birth because of less attention and care by parents. Birth goes on to develop cerebral palsy learning disabilities, hearing loss, and vision problems with the passage of time. In some cases, children with microcephaly developed entirely normally but after some time it includes the symptoms of this disease.



Early diagnosis of microcephaly can sometimes be made by fetal ultrasound and it is an important and useful process. Ultrasounds have the best diagnosis possibility of any person to diagnose the disease if they are made at the end of the second trimester of mother revision, around 28 weeks, or in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and get the checkup of the body may help to diagnose the disease. Often the diagnosis is made at birth or at a later stage but it is helpful to any person to stay in this condition.
Baby is including their head circumference measured by the difficult perimeter of the scale in the first 24 hours after birth to check and clarify the symptoms of this disease are very important and compared with WHO growth standards will help to detect the problem and the result will be interpreted in relation to the person suffering from this condition and it is the age of the baby and also the baby weight and length that may be a helpful process. Suspected cases should be reviewed by our pediatrician to resolve the problem and handle the severe condition. And it may have brain imaging scans and have their head circumference major part to resolve the issues and detect the problem in early stage. Add monthly intervals in early infancy and compared with growth standard must be the important part of it to conclude the result. Doctors should also test for non-causes of microcephaly to heal and solve the issues related to mental health.

Treatment and care

What is Microcephaly? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

There is no specific treatment for microcephaly till today but with the passage of time, it may be helpful and generate the treatment of this harmful disease. A multidisciplinary team is important to assess and care for babies at their early stage of life and children with microcephaly, early inversion with stimulation and condition-based of this situation and play programs may show positive impacts on development, family counseling, and support may help to cure the disease. For parents is also extremely important to prevent their babies from this disease.

WHO response

WHO has been working closely with countries related to this problem and people who are affected by the Zika virus and related complications on the investigation and response to the outbreak of the spread of this disease since mid-2015. The Strategic Response Framework of the People and Joint Operations Plan outlined steps that WHO is taking with partners with the passage of time to respond to Zika and potential complications related to this virus and disease.


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