Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal


Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

Problems and issues of education in Pakistan mean that education is the vital source of change in the social structure economy manner and morals of a nation. Education is a gradual process that brings positive changes in human and social life and behavior and play important role in any country’s development. Education is a highly powerful and largest driver of developing countries and one of the strongest and common instruments for reducing poverty in any country and improving health, gender equality, and peace of the country. The types of education are very important to understand the anyone in his life and he must be known about it you must learn more about education materials in this site info24hrs.info.

Nowadays online education has become popular every second person takes online education and fulfills his requirements. There are some institutes are provided online education in Pakistan line ilama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University Pakistan. Different types of online education are also available in Pakistan and all over the world.

Define Education

Education is defined as a procedure of conveying or gaining knowledge, information, or habits through instructions and study and obeying or follow the rules of institutes. Education takes a huge change in an individual and produces the ability and confidence to achieve the targeted goal in his life. Education refers to the development of the learning and thinking process of human beings.

Education is the main thing that motivates and confidence us to the difference between correct and wrong things because in the lack of education, we can’t do what we need or we can’t achieve our targeted goal in our life.

The most common and frequent sentence is that  “education is the passage to progress in any country development.

Education is to pick up the ability to develop and solve the problems in order to achieve their lawful motives. It facilitates us to investigate our own thoughts and makes it ready to express them in various shapes.

Types of education

Education has many types but some three important types of education are

Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

1: Formal education

Formal education is an organized and well-structured form of learning, imparted in educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities according to the attitude of an individual.

Formal education is the education that occurs within an organized structure and context.

Characteristics of formal education

Formal education is

  • Structured.
  • It is a Planned and fixed place.
  • Assessment program.
  • The child is taught by the teachers.
  • Uniform full time and Proper.
  • Subject Oriented.
  • Schedule fess is paid regularly.
  • Certification/Degree.

Advantages of formal education

Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

  • Formal education imbibes self-discipline.
  • It has continues learning.
  • Organized education Model.
  • Easy access to Job.
  • Leads to a formally recognized Certification.
  • Formal education generates habits of reading and writing.
  • It places focus on the growth and development of different faculty of learners.

Disadvantages of formal education

  • Different kinds of learners learn together.
  • Costly and Rigid program.
  • Wastage of time the lazy student because the need some motivational teachers to motivate them for learning.
  • It doesn’t consider students’ attitudes values and customs.
  • Unnatural way of teaching and learning.
  • Some unprofessional institutions are the causes of the wastage of time for the students.
  • Sometimes brilliant students are bored to wait to be promoted to the next class.

2: Informal education

Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

Informal education covers a large amount of learning that all people take part in their lives every day and engaged their lives with the study of matters. This can be any kind of information and knowledge that the learner picks up from television, news, and conversations with friends or family. For example, the parents teach their child how to ride the bicycle.

Characteristics of informal education

  • It is never organized.
  • Practical Adult Learning.
  • Diversity method and Content.
  • The learner is highly motivated.
  • It can be negative.
  • Mobilized the Local Resources.
  • Real-life learning examples.
  • And often spontaneous.

Advantages of informal education

Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

  • It can be anywhere and anytime.
  • It takes place in every location.
  • Uses a variety of methods.
  • Lifelong education.
  • No specific time span.
  • No need to hire experts for teaching.
  • Less costly and time-efficient learning process.

Disadvantages of informal education

  • It tends to be unpredictable.
  • the utilized technique is not appropriate.
  • Can be negative.
  • No proper schedule of learning.
  • Lack of confidence of the learner.
  • It can absorb wrong information through Media.

3: Non-formal education

Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

Non-formal education has an adopted planed where the student’s attendance is not fully required. Here the needs and interests of the students are developed to take part in educational activities and make their selves as good citizens of the country. An example is fitness programs or community-based adult education courses.

Characteristics of non-formal education

  • It is flexible
  • Very Long Process.
  • Learning from Experience.
  • no Time bond.
  • Learning from Environment.
  • Learning from Work.
  • Take care of student’s needs.

Advantages of non-formal education

Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

  • It has the flexibility to organize the methods.
  • Empower the value and importance of knowledge.
  • It has community-based organizations.
  • No age limits.
  • No need to conduct regular exams.
  • It may be a full-time or part-time learning process.
  • Its involved learning and professional skills.
  • Fess and certificates are may be or may not necessary.
  • It can be lead to greater confidence in the formal classroom.

Disadvantages of non-formal education

  • There is not result in a degree or diploma.
  • It needs highly self-motivated learners.
  • Teachers are not well trained.
  • Basic teaching and training methods.
  • The student is not enjoyed as compared to the regular students.

Which one is most suitable to solve issues of education?

Types of Education Formal, Infromal & Non Formal

Formal education

Formal education is the best way of education to solve all the issues and problems. It is a well-organized way and has a suitable way of getting an education in Pakistan.



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